FAQs - Freuqently Asked Questions

Express Shipping – Will my order be prioritised?

Express shipping means exactly that. Instead of standard shipping, your order will be shipped via Express/Premium. This does NOT mean we process your order ahead of others. Orders are processed in the order they are received (except for ready-made items).


Dog Size – I don't know my dog's size. Can I tell you the breed, and you'll know the neck circumference?

Unfortunately not. Dogs vary widely in size, even within the same breed. It's best to measure your dog's neck circumference with a soft tape measure or a piece of string to determine the exact size. Please do not measure an old collar. Please note that we cannot accept returns if measured incorrectly.


Wrong Size – I accidentally ordered the wrong size. Can I return the item?

Unfortunately not. All our items are custom-made for your dog upon order. If the item is too big, you can return it to us. For a fee of EUR10 / AU$15 plus postage (for both ways), we can adjust the item to the correct size using the existing Paracord and hardware.

If the item is too small, we have to remake the entire item and use new Paracord. Therefore, the full price for the item applies. But you can, of course, resell your items on local marketplaces or in our VIP Facebook group https://www.facebook.com/groups/cords4pawsvip


Pickup – I live nearby. Can I pick up my items when they are ready?

Yes, just choose "Local Pickup" at checkout, and you will receive an email with our address once your items are ready. Please note that we are not a retail store; we are located in a residential area.


My product has burn marks, can I return it?

To finish Paracord products, the ends of the Paracord are sewn, singed, melted, and pressed onto itself. Burn marks are not defects or faults and are part of the Paracording process.


How do I know my credit card information is secure?

All payments made through our shop are protected by the SSL protocol, and your data is securely stored on the Shopify platform. All unauthorised transactions are automatically canceled.