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Headrest Car Restraint - "Cobra"

Headrest Car Restraint - "Cobra"

Made to order from strong 550 Paracord.

Keep your pets safe in the car.

This seat belt goes around your headrest rather than into the seat belt buckle. It’s ideal for dogs that keep getting tangled up in their normal seat belt or know how to unbuckle their regular seatbelt.

Includes a metal Snap Hook and Equal Swivel. The top part is approx. 20cm in diameter and should fit around all standard removable headrests.

Measure from the top of the seat to the ring of your dog's harness while they are sitting in the car and add a few cm (however much room to move around you would like them to have)

Choose up to 4 colours (or just 2) from our amazing colour range.

IMPORTANT: Please use our car restraint systems only in combination with a well-fitting harness (not a collar) to prevent choking in the event of an accident. Use at your own risk. Not suitable for dogs that like to nibble on the belt.
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